Providing innovative and affordable medicines
for all patients

Henlius is an R&D driven and oriented biopharmaceutical company, and has built an integrated and efficient global R&D platform with key facilities in Shanghai, Taipei and California closely collaborating with each other to ensure the highly productive and cost-efficient R&D processes.

Shanghai R&D Center
Shanghai Centre is mainly in charge of R&D in later stages, and upstream/downstream process development, formulation development and analytical process development with continuous exploration in cutting-edge production technologies. It enables Henlius to leverage the abundance of high-calibre talents in Shanghai, where Henlius intends to manufacture the approved products on a commercial scale.
Taipei R&D Center
Taipei Centre is mainly responsible for lead development, optimisation and new drug clinical registration and trial with a focus on candidate screening. It analyses pharmacology with various animal pharmacodynamics models including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and toxicity tests and determines and improves the efficacy of pre-clinical candidates with repeated in-vivo and in-vitro analysis.
California R&D Center
California Centre provides Henlius with quick access to the latest developments and cutting-edge technologies in the biologic medicine field, mainly responsible for early-stage R&D with a focus on cell line construction and screening. It has established a bispecific antibody engineering platform including synthetic humanised llama VHH library (2x1012), VHH- and scFv-based bispecific screening and engineering and linker design.
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